2020-21 Electronic Resource Changes

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Title Details Effective Date
Paper of record New! May 2020
Gold Rush decision support tool New! June 2020
Taylor and Francis ebooks New! July 2020
LinkedIn Learning New! September 2020
Merck Index New! September 2020
Curio New! October 2020
Federated Research Data Repository New! November 2020
Civil rights and social justice New! December 2020
Slavery in America and the world: history, culture & law New! December 2020
Gun regulation and legislation in America New! December 2020
Title Details Effective Date
Mycological Society of America Now part of Taylor and Francis online journals June 2020
International Directory Network New platform; previously known as Global Change Master Directory July 2020
Cambridge open access Now part of Cambridge journals online July 2020
Institute of Physics open access journals Now part of Institute of Physics electronic journals July 2020
Inter-Research Science Center open access Now part of Inter-Research Science Center July 2020
JSTOR open access books Now part of JSTOR July 2020
Nature open access Now part of Nature journals online July 2020
Project MUSE open access books Now part of Project MUSE July 2020
Royal Society Publishing open access journals Now part of Royal Society Publishing July 2020
Science Direct open access journals Now part of Science Direct July 2020
SpringerLINK open access books Now part of SpringerLINK ebooks July 2020
SpringerLINK open access journals Now part of SpringerLINK Contemporary (1997-Present) July 2020
Taylor and Francis open access journals Now part of Taylor and Francis online journals July 2020
Wiley open access journals Now part of Wiley online library July 2020
America : history and life Now index only September 2020
Abacus New platform September 2020
Canadian Science Publishing and Canadian Science Publishing backfiles New platform November 2020
Modern Language Association Now part of Cambridge journals online March 2021
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Now part of Science Direct March 2021
EBSCO ebook collection Previously known as eBook collection March 2021
Not Renewed
Title Details Effective Date
Canadian books and documents collection Not renewed on that platform; all books and documents are freely available online June 2020
Mergent key business ratios Not renewed July 2020
Bibliography of Canadian tree-ring research Resource no longer available July 2020
Winspear Canadian industry database Resource no longer available November 2020
Quicklaw Not renewed January 2021
Data citation index Not renewed January 2021
Geographical Association Not renewed January 2021
Geomatica Not renewed January 2021
Leisure tourism Not renewed January 2021
SimplyAnalytics Not renewed March 2021

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