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To obtain a reproduction of an item in our holdings, please follow these steps:

  1. Refer to our Schedule of Fees for Archival Reproductions
  2. Complete our online form: Northern BC Archives Reproduction Agreement
  3. Your completed agreement noting conditions of use will be emailed to you for signing.
  4. Please sign and email the form to:

Conditions of Reproduction

  • Reproductions will be handled through the NBCA at the advertised rate of the service provider. Additional charges for handling & shipping may apply.
  • Reproduction may be refused due to donor restriction or copyright law violation or due to fragility of the material.
  • If a master copy is created, this copy remains the property of, and in the custody of, the NBCA.
  • The NBCA makes no representations or warranties regarding the origin, authenticity, authorship, or ownership of materials and the User assumes full responsibility for any infringement of copyright and for publication rights of reproductions.
  • A User may not further duplicate reproductions for sale, or for subsequent use, without written agreement with the NBCA and the payment of any applicable fees.
  • Unless authorized in writing by the NBCA, and noted in the credit line, the User may not alter a reproduction in any way (including, without limitation, colouring, transposing, superimposing or cropping) that results in significant changes to material or to its meaning or context, or in any way that compromises the material’s authenticity.

Commercial Use of Reproductions

The User may not use reproductions for any commercial use other than with the permission of the NBCA and subject to payment of a User fee per image. Commercial use includes publishing, webpage design, video production, broadcasting, self copy, exhibits, product presentations, interior design, advertising, or similar commercial use, including for-profit work done by consultants or commercial design firms on behalf of government agencies or non-profit institutions. Fees are for one-time and non-exclusive use and are in addition to any reproduction & handling charges.

Credit Line

A credit line must be given for the publication, exhibition, presentation, or use of reproductions from the NBCA. Credit line to be written in the manner as follows:

Northern BC Archives, UNBC Accession No. ______.