ICIS Data Sharing Initiative

This initiative provides students and faculty at participating BC post-secondary institutions with free access to the majority of BC spatial data that is available from the Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) and GeoBC.  The data is provided for educational and/or research purposes only. Click on the above link for details about what data is available, and contact the Data Services Librarian to obtain desired data.


The library has access to DMTI Spatial's CanMap Content Suite through a consortium agreement.  DMTI spatial data may be downloaded from Abacus, but note that there is often more recent data that has not yet been added to the Abacus collection.  Please contact the Data Services Librarian to obtain the most recent data.

Land Info Worldwide Mapping

The Library has the following data collections from Land Info Worldwide Mapping.  Please contact the Data Services Librarian for information about this data.

  • Orthorectified Landsat 4/5 Mosaics (1990 GeoCover)
  • Orthorectified Landsat 7 ETM+ Mosaics (2000 GeoCover)
  • Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Digital Elevation Model data
  • Tactical Pilotage Charts (TPC)
  • Vector Map Level 0 (VMap) – version 5
  • World Vector Shoreline Plus (WVS+)

Free Spatial Data

British Columbia:


  • GeoGratis – Search for and download a wealth of Natural Resources Canada maps, data, and publications, including Geological Survey of Canada maps and publications, Atlas of Canada maps, topographic maps/data (CanMatrix, CanTopo, CanVec), and much more.  Use the Advanced Search to search specific series or collections.  Note that GeoGratis also now includes all the content of the former GeoBase portal: Administrative Boundaries (includes Aboriginal Lands data), Digital Elevation Data, Geodetic Network, Geographical Names, Land Cover, National Hydro Network, National Road Network, and Satellite Imagery.
  • Open Data portal – Government of Canada.  (Note that geospatial data may be targeted using the Search Filters.)
  • OpenStreetMap -- .osm available for all of Canada; .shp available by province.
  • Statistics Canada — For a description Statistics Canada geographies, see Statistics Canada’s Illustrated Glossary.  Statistics Canada boundary files are available as Cartographic Boundary or Digital Boundary files. See the Boundary Files, Reference Guide for a description of the difference between the two types of files.