NTS numbers are used to index National Topographic System maps.  93G/15 is an example. The first part of the number, “93G,” references the 1:250 000 map  sheet. The “/15″ references a specific 1:50 000 map sheet within the coverage of the 93G 1:250 000 map.

Use one of the following methods to find the NTS number that you need:

Online Tools

  • TOPORAMA — Zoom in to the desired area of the map, and under Map Layers and Legend(s) check the Grids (NTS, Lat/Long, UTM) box.
  • Canadian Geographical Names Data Base — Search using the name of a city, town, lake, or any other geographical feature to find the corresponding NTS number.

Use Index Maps

These are located in the first drawer of the Canada topographic map collection in the map cabinets.