Reserve Reading FAQ  – Information for Faculty

Submit Course Reserve Material

How do I submit materials to be placed on Reserve at the library?

There is one form for all submission types: Library Collection, Personal Collection, Photocopies, or Special Course Material such as Course Notes.

From the menu on this website under Services > Course Reserves, choose Submit Course Reserves, use the link Course Reserve Request Form. The Submit Course Reserves page has important information about the requirements for each type of material and a link to one form which is used for all types of material.

You can fill out the form electronically and submit to the library, the library staff will print off the form and retrieve any materials for your request where applicable. Multiple items may be submitted on one form. Please include as much information as possible.

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General Information

How many items am I allowed to place on Reserve at one time?

Currently, there are no limits on the number of items you can place on Reserve but we do ask that you limit Reserves to required readings only – not suggested readings.

Note: If space becomes an issue we may ask you to remove some material prior to putting on new material.

How many copies of the same item am I allowed to place on Reserve?

This number should be influenced by the number of students in the class and limited to no more than 10 copies.

How long does it take to have an item placed on Reserve?

Please allow 5 working days in order to retrieve and place an item on Reserve. Due to the heavy volume at the beginning and end of the semesters, this can at times be necessary. Once the initial busy period has ended, usually the first month of the semester, it rarely takes more than a day to process Reserve items. In order to beat the beginning of the semester rush, professors are encouraged to submit their items early or wait until later to submit items that are not needed at the beginning of the semester.

Do I need a file folder for each copy of a Reserve article?

Yes, for the purpose of clarity we require that you put each article in a separate file folder, therefore three copies of one article would require three separate file folders.

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I have three articles that are required to be read for Week 3. Can I put those all into one file folder?

Yes, this is possible but for purposes of clarity we would prefer that you then label the file folder by the Week number i.e. Week #3 and instruct your students to look for it this way. Often it may be simpler to place items into a binder.

Can I reuse the forms that were returned to me last semester for the same items this semester?

Yes, as long as the form choices remain the same. If changes are required, please submit a new form.

I have an item that I would like to place on Reserve for more than one course. What should I do?

Submit a Course Reserve Request form for the item, listing both the courses. If it is for an Undergraduate and Graduate course, i.e.. INTS 470/670 and there will be numerous items, we will create one listing for both courses. If it is for two entirely separate courses we will add it to both courses and on the Reserve shelf there will be a box to indicate that this item can be found under the other course.

I see that another professor already has the item I want on Reserve. Can I place the same item on Reserve?

Yes, if the two professors are in agreement to do so.

Note: The loan period may need to be changed to accommodate access to a greater number of students.

I would like to use the same items for Reserve for both the Fall and Winter semesters. Do I need to send in another form in January for the Winter semester?

No, when you complete the Course Reserve Request form for the Fall semester, simply indicate the Course name and number for both the Fall and Winter semesters and add a note in the Special Instructions in the form, stating that it will be used for both semesters. We will transfer it from one course to the other at Winter Break.

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Lecture Notes

I would like to place my lecture notes on Reserve. Do I need to complete a new form each week in order to place those notes on Reserve?

No, you do not require a new form to add materials to a file folder already on Reserve. In fact, a number of professors who add weekly notes place a binder on Reserve and then this enables the professors to simply add to the binder quickly and easily.

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Checked Out Items

The book/video I want is already charged out. How can I place that item on Reserve?

If you are placing a Reserve on an item from the library collection that is charged out, simply submit the Course Reserve Request Form as usual and the library staff will place a Recall on the item and place it on Reserve when it is returned. The library staff makes all reasonable efforts to get the item back as quickly as possible.

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Missing Items

What if my Reserve materials go missing? Is the Library liable for the replacement of a book?

Personal books and videos should be labeled in some way to indicate ownership. Although a charge is attached to lost reserve items, the library cannot guarantee the replacement of materials that go missing from the Reserve collection.

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Requests from Processing

The library item I want to place on Reserve says “1 copy being Processed for Stacks.” What does this mean? And how do I get it onto Reserve?

Items that say “1 copy being Processed for Stacks” mean that the library has received the item and it is waiting in the cataloguing queue.

To place these items on Reserve, complete the Course Reserve Request Form as usual, because the item will not have a call number attached yet, type “In Process” in the call number line. The library staff will communicate with the Cataloguing Dept. to have the book readied and placed on Reserve.

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Will the library staff photocopy the article and place it on Reserve?

No, you are responsible for making the photocopies required for the request.

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Electronic Reserves

The article I need is available in full text electronically. Can I place an Electronic article on Reserve?

Yes, the links provided with electronic reserves allow students to access materials off campus. Another benefit of Electronic Reserves is that they will not go missing. If you have an article that is available in full text electronically, simply submit a Course Reserve Request Form, filling in as much information as possible.

I want to see if the articles I need are available in full text electronically. Where should I look?

Search for full text journals by the title of the journal in the library catalogue. For further information on locating articles, talk to the staff at the Research Help Desk, you can contact Reference Services at (250) 960-6475.

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