Historical Census Boundary Files and Data

Note that the Map and Data Library at the University of Toronto, with support from other Ontario post-secondary libraries, has generously shared  census boundary files back to 1911.  This data is freely available through Scholars GeoPortal and may be downloaded as complete datasets for all of Canada or as clipped files.  To access:

  • Go to http://geo1.scholarsportal.info/#_lang=en.
  • Click on the Census and administrative boundaries Subject category.
  • Click on Add – 02 within the desired Census.
  • Click on Add within the desired level of geography.
  • Zoom to the desired area within the map.
  • Click on the Download button.  (Note that if you then click on Download by area of interest you will be able to select a pre-defined area or draw an area of interest.)

Sources of historical census data:

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