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Students, Faculty and Staff at UNBC are welcome to place inter-library loan requests through the following forms:

  1. Journal Article Requests
  2. Book Requests
  3. Book Chapter Requests
  4. Thesis and Dissertation Requests
  5. Multimedia Requests
  6. All Other Requests

Interlibrary Loans is a service that enables all registered users of the Geoffrey R. Weller Library to obtain materials that are not part of our library collection. 

Interlibrary Loan Charges

The following charges apply to all interlibrary loan requests:

Faculty, Staff, Students NO CHARGE
Alumni $5.00 OR cost of item if exceeds the base rate--notification will be emailed
Community Borrowers $10.00 OR cost of item if exceeds the base rate--notification will be emailed
Research Affiliate $10.00
Lost Items * Replacement cost plus $30 processing fee

*Refer to the Library Borrowing page for information about library fines.


The Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Service at UNBC Library conforms to Fair Dealing of the Copyright Act of Canada and follows established ILL/DocDel customs, practices, standards and policies.  All materials are protected by Canadian copyright law.

Material provided through Interlibrary Loan must be used solely for the purpose of private study, research criticism, review, or summary.  In accordance with standard procedure complete bibliographic information is provided.

Data Collection

The Interlibrary Loan request forms on this website utilize third-party software for tracking purposes. What does this mean for your data?