The Geoffrey R. Weller Library’s mission is to be a centre of intellectual life for the University of Northern British Columbia. The Library welcomes all UNBC’s communities to access information, exchange diverse opinions, work collaboratively, conduct research, learn, teach, and pursue intellectual growth.


The Geoffrey R. Weller Library is integral to the University of Northern British Columbia’s success and aspires to be an outstanding user-centered and community-centered research library.


  • We strive to excel in supporting teaching, learning and research and in our service to the University.
  • We strive to engage students, faculty and staff in learning, teaching, and research, in the creation of new knowledge and the exchange of ideas, within the Library’s integrated learning environment.
  • We value our community, its knowledge and rich culture, and we care passionately for the people who make up the community.
  • We value equitable access to information resources and services, facilities, and systems for all individuals in physical and virtual environments, on the campus in Prince George and all regional campuses.
  • We value the contributions of our dedicated staff, celebrate their achievements and successes and support their growth and development.
  • We are innovative in all of these efforts, and we aspire to the highest standards in all that we do.