The Geoffrey R. Weller Library is located in the middle of the campus. The attractive four-story building is currently the largest building on campus. One of the main architectural features in the library is the atrium, which fills the main working area with natural light.

The Library is home to the Northern British Columbia Archives, which is devoted to the preservation of Northern British Columbia’s history. The Archives holdings include records of the Cassiar mining community, photographic and cartographic materials related to the development of transportation and communication links in Northern BC and the genealogical records of the Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council.

The Library was named after one of the people most responsible for shaping the University’s initial development. Geoffrey Weller was the University’s Founding President and held the position until 1995, when he returned to teaching as a Professor in the UNBC International Studies program. He oversaw construction of the Prince George campus, was involved in the first hirings at the University, and welcomed Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to open the campus in 1994. He was also largely responsible for setting out the five major themes of the University – environment, northern studies, women’s studies, First Nations studies and international studies. Dr. Weller passed away in July of 2000 at the age of 58.