The Library offers access to a large amount of study space as well as computer workstations, scanners, printers, and photocopiers. Our facilities include ten bookable study rooms and one hundred computer workstations.

Access our many electronic resources and databases using one of our computers, which come fully loaded with applications such as Microsoft Office, Google Earth, spatial analysis software such as PASSaGE, and mathematical software such as MAPLE. Don’t have a UNBC login? No problem - the first row of computers on the first floor don’t require a username or password. Remember to save your work to your student drive or a personal device because these computers clean themselves up on a nightly basis.

You can also print using one of the two main printers on this floor. Simply click the print icon on the computer, head over to the printer, and release the print job using your library card, which doubles as your UNBC student or employee card. There is also a flatbed scanner by the printers which can save scans to USB.