UNBC Research Data Centre

**Please note that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the UNBC RDC is closed until further notice.  RDC Staff Larine Sluggett will be working from home during this time, and is available to assist with information about data, proposal development, etc.  Please email your questions at any time to rdc@unbc.ca.  We can also arrange a phone or online meeting.

Located in the UNBC Library, the UNBC Research Data Centre (RDC) provides Northern BC researchers with the opportunity to access and analyze detailed microdata from an increasing array of survey, census and administrative data.  Researchers working in RDCs have access to Statistics Canada Statistical Assistants and Analysts who can provide advice and assistance to researchers. Graduate and honours students are also encouraged to apply to use the data to support their research.  In most cases, use of the RDC is free for researchers affiliated with UNBC! 

The RDC is located at UNBC's Prince George Campus on the main floor of the library (room 5-135).  If you'd like to discuss research opportunities within the RDC, please drop by during our operating hours, or make an appointment with us.  The RDC is a secure locked facility, so to enter, go through the first door, then ring the doorbell on the inside door.  RDC staff will let you in.  You can also make an appointment by contacting us at rdc@unbc.ca or 250-960-5332.


We are generally open on Mondays (9am-5pm) and Wednesdays (9am-1pm), but the schedule may be flexible, depending on researcher needs and staff availability. Please refer to our Hours for full schedule.


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