What is the RDC?

The RDC provides Northern BC researchers with the opportunity to access and analyse microdata from hundreds of datasets, including survey, census and administrative data.

Can anyone use the RDC?

Anyone can apply to use RDC data.  The application process varies depending on the Principal Investigators' affiliation.  Access to the RDC is free for researchers affiliated with UNBC and other member institutions of the Canadian Research Data Centres Network.  UNBC Faculty, graduate students and honours students are all encouraged to apply to use the data as part of a research project or thesis.  Researchers not affiliated with a university may also be eligible to utilize the RDC; please contact us for more information: rdc@unbc.ca.

What are the benefits to working in the RDC?

There are advantages to working in the RDC for both faculty and students:

  • Cost: Access to the data and usage of the RDC facility are free. 
  • Time: RDC datasets are ready for you to use, saving you the time and expense of collecting and cleaning data yourself.  The only wait is the 4-8 weeks needed for the approval process.
  • Quality: The data have been collected, cleaned and prepared by trained professionals using high quality survey techniques and equipment. 
  • Support: Researchers working in the RDC have access to Statistics Canada Analysts for support.

How long does it take for a proposal to be approved?

For students, the process may take 4-6 weeks.  For faculty, approval may take up to 8 weeks.

Is there a cost to using the RDC?

Using the RDC is free for researchers affiliated with UNBC and other institutions with membership in the Canadian Research Data Centres Network.  Charges may apply for researchers not affiliated with an eligible institution.

Can I also use RDCs located at other Canadian universities?

Yes, all RDCs are connected via a private RDC network.  Thus, researchers can collaborate with researchers across the Canada, and also to work on their projects from other RDCs, away from UNBC.

What software do you have?

The RDC currently has licenses for SPSS, Stata, SAS, ArcGIS, and WesVar.  If you require another software package, please let us know.  It may be possible for us to obtain the software you require.