What is the RDC?

The branch Research Data Centre at UNBC (RDC@UNBC) is affiliated with the British Columbia Inter-University Research Data Centre (BCIRDC), which is a member of the Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN). It provides Northern BC researchers with the opportunity to access and analyse detailed microdata from an increasing array of survey, census and administrative data.

How is the RDC funded?

There are multiple partners funding the RDC@UNBC. Some of this funding is "in kind."

Can anyone use the RDC?

Only approved researchers can use the RDC (after they have applied to access the RDC using the RDC application process). Graduate students are encouraged to apply to use the data to support their research.

When will construction of the RDC be completed?

Renovations to create the RDC@UNBC facility are complete!  We hope to schedule an inspection of the facility for January 2017 and to open our doors shortly after that.