Overdue Items

As of the Fall 2022, we no longer charge overdue fines for basic loans from the general collection. However, all patrons are subject to overdue fines as outlined on the Borrowing information page and below. 

Lost Items

  • Any item not returned within 30 days is assumed lost. The patron will be sent a billing notice for such items.
  • The default charge for a lost item is $50.00 and an adjustment to the actual cost is later applied.
  • Refunds for lost and paid for items are assessed individually and may be possible if the material is returned within one academic year from the item's paid date.

Fines Policy

Reserves and Recalled item fines accrue as soon as items are overdue.

Borrowing privileges will be suspended for:

  • Students, faculty, staff patron types: $100 in outstanding fines/charges
  • Community members and alumni: $50 in outstanding fines/charges

UNBC Policy: please see the Academic Calendar, Regulations and Policies #34, which enables the withholding of academic transcripts and registration if fees are unpaid.

Fine Payments

Fine payments can be made at:

  • The Library Services Desk in-person debit and credit only OR telephone using credit card only
  • The Cashier’s Office using cash and a variety of methods, please see Payment Options for further details.

Please Remember…

Lost library material has a direct impact on the quality and quantity of the library collection. We expect that all members of the University community help to maintain this essential research collection by being responsible for items borrowed.