The Geoffrey R. Weller Library welcomes gifts and donations that enrich and enhance existing collections and support the instructional and research programs of the University, or deserve consideration because of uniqueness, importance or intrinsic value.

Gifts of Money

Gifts of money are particularly welcome as they enable the Library’s collection to remain current, to strengthen subject areas, and to fill in gaps in the collection. Gifts can range from a single cash donation to various forms of planned or deferred giving (such as endowments, annuities and bequests). A receipt for income tax purposes is provided. The following are examples of how your donation could help us support the work of our students and faculty:

  • $50 would support the acquisition of one book in a humanities or social sciences field;
  • $200 would support the acquisition of one book in science field;
  • $1,000 to $10,000 would support the purchase of a reference tool such as a dictionary, encyclopedia, the addition of a multi-volume set.
  • Support for serials collections would require a much larger donation. Since these publications have to be paid for each year, we need donations large enough so that we can invest the capital and pay for each year’s issues out of the interest.

Gifts of Books, Journals or other Library Materials (under $20,000)

In evaluating potential gifts, the Library is mindful of the significant resources required and costs incurred in handling, processing, accessioning, cataloguing, storing, conserving, preserving and providing access to contributed materials. Therefore, the Library does not accept unsolicited gifts, or items that are already owned or accessible from the Library collection. In addition, monetary donations may be required to help defray the costs associated with processing, storing and preserving gifts. A signed Donation Agreement is required for formal transfer of ownership from the donor to the Library.

The Library will consider donations that:

  • Fall within the scope of the Library’s collection and align with the University’s teaching, learning and research areas
  • Are in good physical condition
  • Do not duplicate materials already held
  • Are of unique and significant value to the collection, in the view of the appropriate librarian
  • The Library is in a position to process and maintain
  • Have no restrictions placed by the prospective donor on the disposition and use of the material offered

The following materials will ordinarily not be accepted:

  • Textbooks and course packs
  • Popular paperbacks and magazines
  • Duplicate material already present in the collection, unless there is a need to substitute a damaged item or a duplicated item is deemed appropriate.
  • Outdated, superseded titles and editions, except where they are deemed to have value to Special Collections
  • Scattered or single issues of periodicals; broken runs of periodicals are accepted only if the issues are required to replace missing or damaged issues or to fill gaps in runs of titles to which the Library currently maintains an active subscription
  • Materials in poor physical condition
  • Materials requiring special preservation arrangements which the Library is not able to support
  • Materials requiring the use of technology no longer supported by the Library
  • Any material which has been copied from an original
  • Material to which the donor has attached restrictions which will limit access for the library users or which seek to determine the shelving location of the materials


In most cases, donors will be required to provide a list of the material being offered. Staff will review the list to determine whether the content is already available and whether it supports the instructional, learning and research goals of the University.The Library may be unable to accept substantial donations where funding cannot be identified in advance to pay for the delivery to the Library and for subsequent cataloguing and processing.

Appraisals and Tax Receipts

If an income tax receipt is required, this should be indicated at the beginning of the process. Only items retained by the Library will be evaluated for income tax purposes. According to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, materials acquired with government funds (e.g. through university research grants, professional development allowances) are not considered personal property, and are ineligible for a tax receipt. Materials received free by the donor, including complimentary desk or review copies, are also ineligible for a tax receipt.

Normally, an estimate provided by the Library is acceptable to Canada Revenue Agency as the “fair market value” of donated materials. Canada Revenue Agency requires external appraisals for items or collections likely to be worth more than $1000. Where possible, donations can be divided into smaller lots in order to facilitate an internal appraisal. Where an external appraisal of any size donation is specifically requested by the donor, it will be done at the donor’s expense. The appraiser must be acceptable to both the Library and the donor.

The Library will attempt to accommodate tax deadlines where possible but cannot guarantee that a particular taxation year deadline will be met for any items donated after the last day in November of a given year.

Donor Recognition

At the request of the donor, a bookplate bearing the name of the donor or the name of the person in whose honour or memory the gift is made may identify gifts added to the collection.

Each donation for which a Donation Agreement has been signed will be acknowledged by a letter signed by the University Librarian or designate.

Unsolicited Material

The Library reserves the right to retain or dispose of donated material according to the needs of the University. Unsolicited materials that are mailed, dropped off or otherwise delivered to the Library may be used or disposed of without any obligation whatsoever to the person who donated the materials.

Prospective donors should direct inquiries to:

  • Contact the Development Office, (250) 960-5750 or about monetary donations or gifts-in-kind over $20,000.
  • Contact the Acquisition Librarian, (250) 960-6468 or about gifts-in-kind donations under $20,000.
  • Contact the Head, Archives and Special Collections, (250) 960-6603 or  about gifts-in-kind to the Northern BC Archives.

Further information: