Library digital signage provides a space to promote academic events, services, resources, spaces, and other items of interest related to the Geoffrey R. Weller Library or UNBC campus groups or organizations.

External postings may be considered at the sole discretion of the Library Communications Committee, provided they adhere to the terms of use below and are for the good of the student body.

Library digital signage is nointended for promotion of commercial events, services, or fundraising.

Terms of Use

Images submitted for Library digital signage consideration must adhere to our terms. The Library reserves the right to:

  • Limit the number of signs displayed for any one event
  • Limit the number of signs associated with any one entity or group
  • Limit the amount of time that one sign may be displayed in each viewing. (External signage will be posted for a maximum of one month)
  • Determine the screens on which the signs will be displayed
  • Deny content that violates the purpose of the digital signage or contains innapropriate references and/or language

It is the responsibility of the individual or group submitting the request to ensure that they have all the required licenses and permissions to use all photos, artwork, and other materials used to create the signage. Note that most images found on the Internet are copyrighted material and may not be downloaded and used in your signage.

Approval process

Please submit signage for consideration to the Library Communications Comimttee.

Give 2–3 weeks' notice prior to your desired posting date.

Preference will be given to Library-related content promoting academic events, programs, UNBC items, etc.

Information from Digital Signage Terms of Reference; updated May 2018.