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Please take note of the following information regarding Course Reserve Requests:

  • You may request additional items at the bottom of the form.
  • This form is for one course. If you wish to request items for another course, please submit a new form.
  • All materials will be removed after exams at the end of each term. If you require a different removal date, please indicate this in the Special Instructions within the form below. All faculty owned items will be available for pick up at the Library Circulation Desk by faculty or their department's administrative assistant, after exams for each term.
  • Please provide a contact name for the person that will pick up the instructor's personal reserve material at the Library at the end of the semester.


BIOL 101
Please provide the name of the person (Instructor, Administrative Assistant, or designate) that will pick up the instructor’s personal reserve material at the end of the semester.
If Other, please specify in the Special Instructions
If more than one semester, please specify in the Special Instructions
Item 1
Book or article's title.
A minimum of the date is required.
Book or article's author.
Use only if the item is from the library's collection.
Use only if you are supplying multiple copies of photocopied material.
How long would you like students to be able to check the material out for? Not applicable if the item is an electronic resource.
Library Staff Use Only